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Blogging is something that I've resisted until now. Who cares what I have to say about most things, really?!

But three weeks ago, I was in Moscow, witnessing history. The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, into which I was born, reunited with the Church of Russia, after a long, arduous, and controversial process. (For more about the reunification process, you can read the materials of the commissions that worked on it here. ) I got to be there, as a member of the Emigre Choir put together by the choirmaster of the Synodal Cathedral in Manhattan, where I sing on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, the reunification continues to resonate with controversy. But most people I know have been excited to hear all about the trip, and, with so many vivid impressions, I need to catalogue them somewhere. Why not somewhere that makes it accessible to all those inquiring ? Hence this blog. Welcome.

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Meg said...

Oh, Boulia, I *hope* you continue to blog! I am so excited to read about your trip, and enjoyed the next post so much. You could be such a great resource for those of us who would love to learn more about Russian church music, but have little opportunity to work with it.